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Fisheries Research and Consulting
Dr. Carol Ann Woody and Associates

We offer over 70 collective years of professional scientific research and education skills to focus on questions regarding Alaskan fisheries and aquatic resources.  Our scientific rigor is demonstrated by our peer-reviewed publications and grant awards.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Salmon ecology, life history, distribution, and behavior studies.
  • Remote camp design and field operations
  • Salmon escapement monitoring
  • Salmon spawning ground determinations
  • Essential habitat determinations
  • Habitat assessment and modeling
  • Biodiversity assessments
  • NEPA, EIS, EA assessments
  • Inventory and monitoring
  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Survey and long-term monitoring design
  • Data analysis and statistical modeling
  • Scientific review
  • Fisheries and Biometric shortcourses
  • Safety courses: Bear and DOI certified watercraft safety

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Fisheries Research and Consulting  is a woman-owned (WBE), small business enterprise (SBE) in Anchorage, Alaska.  FRC is committed to solving challenging natural resource questions for: tribal, local, state, and federal agencies, non-government organizations, and law firms. Our multidisciplinary team's resources, experience, and professional networks provide for diverse consulting and educational services for addressing aquatic and fisheries resource problems. We are also great fun to work with!
Dr. Carol Ann Woody and Associates
Fisheries Research and Consulting
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